Especially for Students: 

Book your consult early if you want your surgery over the summer! Our schedule gets filled early.

Call our office at 860-739-3133 to set up your appointment.

Please complete our  secure online New Patient Forms before your appointment or arrive early so they may be completed before your appointment time.

Use your wisdom to take care of your wisdom teeth!  There are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to do this early.  The first reason is that your wisdom teeth might not be symptomatic now, but may become painful during college mid terms or final exams.  For those students going directly into the work force, they might become problematic when there is very little sick time available.  Many first jobs do not provide dental insurance which brings us to the second reason: you are likely covered under your parents insurance policy until you graduate college as long as you are a full time student.   The third reason is that your parents will also likely take care of you while you are recuperating after surgery. 

So, don’t wait for your wisdom teeth choose the time, instead you should pick the time to have them extracted.  Plan ahead and schedule your consultation appointment so we can evaluate your situation and let you decide the best time to have the wisdom teeth extracted.   The summer  vacation and school breaks are the most requested times.  Great minds think alike, so book your appointments early. 

Aside from getting the appointment you request, it also gives our insurance experts plenty of time to access and maximize your insurance benefits, keeping the yearly maximum, deductible, and multiple insurance coverages in mind.   Our goal is to maximize your coverage and if you wait until you are in pain, sometimes we are not able to maximize your benefits due to end of the year remaining coverage.

Many dental insurances discontinue dental coverage when you turn 19 regardless of your student status.